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Individual Taiwan Health Insurance Plans

Taiwan Health Insurance has years of experience with Individual Health Insurance plans from designed to provide coverage to single persons living and working in Taiwan. In general, these plans can be offered to both expatriates and Taiwan permanent residents.

Taiwan Health Insurance has worked with many of the world’s leading international health insurance companies, and would be happy to help you find the individual health insurance policy which best meets your unique healthcare requirements.

Individual Taiwan Health Insurance Coverage

Taiwan health insurance can offer detailed information on the various forms of extended coverage available to those holding Individual health insurance plans. Some of the benefits may include:

Please note that many of the insurance plans reviewed by Taiwan Health Insurance, and many of the plan benefits we talk about on this site, are typically guaranteed renewable for life, in addition to providing coverage on a worldwide basis. No matter where you go or what misfortune you may come across, an individual health care policy can provide you with comprehensive coverage around the globe.

For more information click Summary of Taiwan Health Insurance Coverage.

Individual Taiwan Health Insurance Premium

Some general information about some of the health insurance premiums in Taiwan: premiums for Individual Health Insurance plans which are mentioned by Taiwan Health Insurance are normally calculated on a community basis.

Everyone in the same cohort, that is, of the same age and in the same coverage area, will typically pay the same policy premium.

In other words, your premium is calculated based on how old you are, and the plan’s geographical area of coverage. In most cases, your medical history while under the policy should not affect the premium; this means that you will not be subject to a premium increase due to your claiming for treatment under your individual health insurance plan.

Bear in mind, however, that as you age premiums will increase. As people get older they become more susceptible to falling ill, and so the cost of coverage rises accordingly. The Administration Team at Taiwan Health Insurance have a successful track record of advising ageing clients on managing rises in health insurance premiums and are happy to assist our users in making an informed decision on their health insurance renewals and spending.

Please note that due to the number of outstanding insurance companies operating in Taiwan, there may be a number of differences between the explanations on this website and how the insurance company you choose to work with will calculate their individual premiums. The information displayed on this page is a general overview of typical industry practices, and is not specific data on any single Taiwanese health insurance company.

For more about Taiwan Health Insurance Premiums, please follow the link.

Individual Taiwan Health Insurance Information

For more info on individual health insurance in Taiwan, fill in the blanks in the form at the top of this page, or contact us directly for additional in-depth information from Taiwan Health Insurance.