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Nordic Health Insurance Taiwan

Nordic Taiwan

Copenhagen-based Europæiske Rejseforsikring A/S was founded in 1921 and is the parent company of Nordic Health Care. In Taiwan, this leading Danish health insurance provider has established a strong reputation for service and quality of care. Europæiske Rejseforsikring is actually a subsidiary of the German insurer ERV AG.

In Taiwan, Nordic Health Care provides high quality and comprehensive health care plans to companies, families, groups and individuals, and offers global portable plans for today’s mobile workforce. In Taiwan, Nordic health care is touted for its flexibility, allowing policyholders a wide range of choice in doctors and/or hospitals.

Customization is a hallmark of Nordic Health Care in Taiwan and around the world. This commitment to providing policyholders with exactly what they require has made Nordic Health Care increasingly an insurer of choice in the Asia Pacific market.

Nordic Health Insurance About Us

Taiwan Health Insurance boasts a team of experienced health insurance expertswho are very familiar with the needs of the local market. For further information about Nordic Health Care, please contact us by completing the form at the top of this page, or get in touch directly and in either case we will respond to your query as soon as possible.