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IHI-BUPA Taiwan Health Insurance


IHI-BUPA Taiwan Health Insurance was previously known as International Health Insurance Danmark or IHI Danmark, and was originally created to extend the social benefits and medical care available in Denmark to Danish expatriates and other Danes overseas. In 2004, IHI Danmark was acquired by BUPA and now provides global health insurance in Taiwan and worldwide. IHI-BUPA is a globally respected health insurance provider in Taiwan.

Although IHI is now a global insurer, the company remains true to its roots as a Danish social insurer and remains focused on providing high quality health insurance in Taiwan and worldwide. IHI-BUPA can offer comprehensive plans which may include preventative medical services, health consultation and customer service around the clock. IHI-BUPA Taiwan professes to offer best in class service to policyholders.

IHI-BUPA has received wide acclaim among health insurance industry groups in Taiwan and abroad and has achieved a reputation as a customer-focused company which provides innovative and flexible coverage options to policyholders. IHI-BUPA Taiwan Health Insurance plans can provide options for individuals, families and groups.

IHI-BUPA Health Insurance About Us

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