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Giving Birth and Maternity Insurance in Taiwan

Giving birth is perhaps the most rewarding experience in life, but can present a number of logistical challenges, especially when it takes place outside of your home country.

All parents are concerned with the best facilities to give birth, the costs of delivery and the various aspects of ante- and neo-natal care. In worst-case scenarios, parents need to be reassured that their newborn will have access to the highest levels of emergency care.

In Taiwan, or anywhere else in the world, having a child means major changes for any family. This page covers the basics of maternity coverage and care in Taiwan, and gives a summary of what sort of maternal and newborn care is available.

Taiwan Maternity Insurance Trends

As an advanced developed country, Taiwan provides extremely high levels of medical care – including maternal care. Hence, families planning to give birth in Taiwan can rest assured that they are receiving some of the best maternal medical care available anywhere in the world. Giving birth abroad, away from your home country, may be stressful, but the comprehensive support and high quality facilities available in Taiwan should reassure any expectant mother.

However, while the standard of care in Taiwan is very high, maternity services are somewhat under strain. Generous public health care benefits mean that many local public maternity hospitals are quite full, even as Taiwan’s overall birthrate is in decline. While there are no official figures to track this, the People’s Republic of China’s One Child policy may also contribute to Taiwan’s birth rate by giving expectant mothers who may otherwise be giving birth on the mainland, a reason to have their babies in Taiwan instead.

Mainland “maternity” tourists may choose to give birth in Taiwan to circumvent the One Child Policy in mainland China. Chinese parents who give birth outside of mainland China may not be subject to the One Child policy and may be able to avoid the fines and penalties associated with the second (or third, etc.) child’s birth. Nevertheless, babies born in Taiwan are not automatically granted citizenship or residency rights as in Hong Kong.

Increased pressure on maternity and childbirth facilities in Taiwan has led to an increase in the cost of care as demand for beds drives prices ever higher. The following section provides further details on this.

Maternity Costs In Taiwan

With the increased demand for maternity care, the current cost of childbirth in Taiwan can reach tens of thousands of US dollars. And this may not reflect individual treatments, antenatal care, emergency care, private beds, meals or addressing other complications, such as a caesarian section.

Furthermore, if the expectant mother is not a Taiwan resident, there may be other costs associated with delivery. With the current trends pointing to increased strain on the public health care system, demand (and costs) of private care are also expected to continue to exceed the rate of inflation.

Maternity Insurance in Taiwan

Although Taiwan’s public National Health Insurance system has set out generous targets for the provision of care, this has put a great strain on the health care system and has pushed several families to opt for private maternity care. This can be further complicated for those who are not registered residents or citizens of Taiwan.

While the level of care at Taiwan’s maternity facilities is world-class, the costs do reflect this. Hence, we recommend families planning to have children in Taiwan to look into a Taiwan maternity health insurance plan to protect themselves from the large fees associated with childbirth.

Maternity Health Insurance About Us

Choosing the best maternity health care options can be a complicated process. For more detailed information on the various costs and legislation associated with maternity and insurance issues in Taiwan, contact our experienced team at Taiwan Health Insurance.