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Taiwan’s Healthcare System and Medical Legislation

In Taiwan, patients in both the public and private health care systems can rest assured that they are receiving some of the best health care in the world. Taiwan’s National Health Insurance (NHI) system is justifiably lauded for its high standard of care, although recently it has had to resort to bank lending to maintain its budget.

This page will outline the major differences between the public and private health care systems in Taiwan, along with important information for patients and policyholders.

Taiwan Public Healthcare Services

Taiwan’s health care system is a single-payer system, meaning that the compulsory National Health Insurance is a central clearinghouse for health care fund disbursal. The functioning of Taiwan’s health care system borrows from several aspects of health care delivery in other developed countries.

For example, the functioning of Taiwan’s NHI has been compared by its founder as very much like the US Medicare system, except that NHI applies to the entire population of Taiwan, not just the elderly as in the US.

The current Taiwanese public health care system began to take shape in the late 1980s following relaxation of martial law. Interestingly, most health care in Taiwan is provided by private companies, but they may receive funding via the NHI.

About 99 percent of Taiwan’s population is enrolled in NHI and the program has received plaudits for its very low administrative costs and generous distribution of benefits. However, the generosity of the NHI system has led to a large increase in hospital visits over the past two decades, particularly as Taiwan’s population ages. This has put serious strain on the system and has led NHI administrators seek funding outside of the usual avenues of tax revenues, premiums, payroll contributions and out-of-pocket spending.

Please see Taiwan Maternity Insurance Concerns for additional information on this topic.

Taiwan Private Healthcare Services

Taiwan’s public healthcare system is quite comprehensive, but many opt for some of the advantages of additional private medical insurance. As mentioned in the above section, most health care providers in Taiwan are privately operated, even if they are funded by the publicly funded National Health Insurance scheme.

However, the public system has been strained by the legislated generosity of the NHI program, so private insurance “top-ups” can be used for things such as premium care, private hospital rooms, etc. Furthermore, expatriates and travelers may be subject to red tape when attempting to utilize the public health care system in Taiwan.

Some of the private health care facilities in Taiwan can be very high end, more resembling five star resorts than medical care facilities. Also, costs can be very much in line with some of the highest medical care providers in the world – close to that of the US.

Please see The Cost of Healthcare in Taiwan for additional information about the pricing for various treatments at these facilities.

Taiwan Healthcare Reforms

In the wake of the end of martial law in Taiwan in the 1980s, the National Health Insurance initiative was introduced. This has formed the foundation of Taiwanese medical insurance payment and administration ever since.

Today, the NHI system is feeling fiscal strain, and future reform will involve the continued roll out of technological advances such as the Smart Card which all patients carry, containing billing and health care history.

Also, Taiwan’s doctors have expressed some dissatisfaction with the administration of the NHI system, which restricts the number of patients they may see, so future reforms may address this as well.

Perhaps the most pressing need in Taiwan’s health care system is revenue based. As Taiwan’s economic growth slows and population ages, the NHI must seek additional streams of income or cut back on services.

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