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Taiwan Healthcare Costs

With a thoroughly modern advanced economy, Taiwan can deliver health care on par with that in most developed countries such as those in Western Europe, the US and Japan. But as in many of these countries, the costs of medical care continue to outstrip the rate of inflation and may one day resemble those in the US, home of the most expensive medical care in the world.

Taiwan’s economic success has led an increasing number of the population to seeki higher standards of care. Furthermore, as quality of life indicators increase, so does life expectancy. Taiwan must prepare for the continued aging of its population, much like neighboring Japan. As demand for health care services increases, policyholders will surely feel the squeeze, especially when they are not educated about what is involved in their health insurance plan.

Taiwan’s generous public health care system is currently overloaded. The public National Health Insurance fund is now reliant on bank lending to cover current operational costs and the demand for subsidized care has put a serious strain on the resources of Taiwanese doctors and other health care providers.

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