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Taiwan Health Insurance Waiting Periods

In Taiwan, Medical Insurance plans often tend to impose a waiting period on certain coverage benefits. A waiting period refers to the amount of time you must have been enrolled on a Taiwan Health Insurance policy before being eligible to claim for specific types of coverage.

Waiting periods are designed to prevent new policyholders from claiming treatment for pre-existing conditions.

How Do Waiting Periods Work?

Waiting periods may vary depending on the insurer, and can even vary within a single insurer’s range of plans. But the bottom line is that a waiting period means that you must have been enrolled in a plan for a predetermined amount of time before receiving coverage.

Coverage benefits which will typically have a waiting period are:

Clicking on the above links will take you to more in depth information about the waiting periods associated with these two types of coverage.

In the case of Maternity Insurance in Taiwan, waiting periods are normally used to ensure that women who are already pregnant prior to the commencement of a policy are unable to make a claim for a condition, in this case pregnancy, which is pre-existing.

A Pre-Existing Medical Condition is defined as a medical condition which displayed symptoms, required treatment, or of which the policyholder has been aware prior to the start of a Health Insurance plan. In Taiwan, medical insurance companies normally exclude pre-existing medical conditions from coverage.

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