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Taiwan Pre-Existing Condition Health Insurance Coverage

When a policyholder has any medical condition which has displayed symptoms, required treatment, or has been aware of any medical condition prior to the purchase of a Taiwan Health Insurance Plan, this is known as a pre-existing condition, and has important ramifications for health insurance coverage.

In most cases, Pre-Existing Medical Conditions are excluded from coverage under a Taiwan Medical Insurance Policy, but there are cases in which a pre-existing medical condition can be covered by a Taiwanese Health Insurance plan, even in cases where the condition would usually be excluded.

Bear in mind that many pre-existing conditions cannot be covered at all, and that coverage of pre-existing conditions is usually addressed on a case-by-case basis.

Pre-Existing Medical Condition Insurance Coverage

In general, insurance companies take three approaches to pre-existing medical conditions: Exclusion, Moratorium, and Premium Loading.


In Taiwan, pre-existing medical conditions to be handled by a Taiwanese Medical Insurance policy are excluded from coverage under the plan.

In such cases, the insurance plan does not cover medical expenses relating to the pre-existing condition, nor any conditions related to the pre-existing condition. But, conditions not relating to the Pre-existing condition will be covered as usual, although subject to normal policy limits.


A Moratorium Period refers to a waiting period, which is a predetermined amount of time, during which the pre-existing condition will not be covered.

A typical moratorium period for pre-existing conditions in a Taiwanese Health Insurance plan is typically 2 years (24 months). If no symptoms appear and no treatment is required during this period, the condition may be considered for coverage beginning from the next policy renewal.

Premium Loading

Although this seldom occurs, insurance companies in some cases may offer coverage for a pre-existing medical condition in return for a higher policy premium.

With premium loading, your Taiwanese Health Insurance annual premium will increase in order to cover the pre-existing condition. Note that premium loading is extremely rare, and is usually only offered for certain medical conditions.

The above exceptions are the most common approaches for dealing with pre-existing conditions for individuals and families under a Taiwan Medical Insurance plan, but under some Group Health Insurance Policies, you may be eligible for a Medical History Disregarded benefit.

Medical History Disregarded

A Medical History Disregarded (MHD) benefit is generally only available to groups containing twenty or more members. An MHD benefit can cover all pre-existing conditions within the group.

With an MHD benefit, all pre-existing conditions can theoretically be covered, even those which would otherwise normally be excluded by the policy. In such cases, the group members’ medical history is disregarded.

Pre-Existing Medical Insurance About Us

Pre-existing medical conditions can create a lot of uncertainty with regards to medical insurance. Contact Taiwan Health Insurance for more detailed information on local market conditions and how they apply to pre-existing medical conditions.