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New Born Child Health Insurance in Taiwan

New Born Coverage Benefits on a Taiwan Health Insurance plan can ensure comprehensive medical insurance protection for your child from their date of birth.

New Born Benefits are typically attached to a waiting period under the plan’s coverage; this waiting period is usually much shorter than that of most Taiwan Maternity Health Insurance Coverage. New Born Coverage Benefit waiting periods can be as short as six months from the start of the policy, although Maternity waiting periods often start at ten months from the start of the plan. So, even if you have not completed the Maternity waiting period under your policy, and are unable to cover the expenses of childbirth with your plan, there is still room to ensure that your child has the medical insurance coverage they need in the event of health problems developing from birth.

Neo-natal and newborn care for individuals who are not permanent residents of Taiwan can be complicated for the uninsured and costs can be very high, even for regular routine check ups and immunisation. When health care problems and congenital defects occur, costs can become astronomical.

In Taiwan, New Born Child Health Insurance is the safest and most efficient way to ensure that your baby is covered from the date of birth and beyond.

New Born Child Health Insurance Coverage

In Taiwan, if your Taiwanese Medical insurance plan has a New Born Coverage benefit, there are usually a couple of methods for including your newborn infant in your family policy. Please bear in mind that including your child in the policy, or having your child receive medical protection, will vary depending on your insurance company; some insurers charge an additional premium for new born coverage, while others may offer discounts on the plan for each child added to the policy, or may allow you to cover your child free of charge.

A New Born Child Benefit is usually offered in one of the following ways:

Born Into The Plan

If your Taiwanese Health Insurance plan allows children to be born into the plan, in this case they may receive medical insurance coverage for the duration of their life, no matter the state of the infant’s health at birth. To apply for Born Into The Plan health insurance, inform your insurance company that you have given birth as soon as possible (typically within four weeks of birth) and have the child added to the policy. When your child is born into your existing Taiwan Medical Insurance plan note that your overall policy premium will increase; however you are able to ensure the infant will receive comprehensive medical protection from birth.

Free Benefit

If the Taiwanese Medical Insurance policy offers your infant a Free Benefit, then in most cases they will be provided with medical coverage for a pre-determined amount of time after birth. Free Benefit New Born Coverage will typically last for 30 days after birth, and covers health issues which the child may have during that period, and should not increase your policy premium. When the Free Benefit period has been completed, you may then apply for coverage for the child under a Taiwan Health Insurance plan, which is underwritten by the insurance company as a new policy. In other words, any medical conditions the child develops prior to making the application for continuing coverage will be treated as pre-existing and may not be eligible for coverage under the policy. Please click the following link for more information about Pre-existing medical condition insurance coverage.

New Born Child Benefits are mainly designed to provide coverage for any Congenital Birth Defects which the child may have been born with. A Congenital Birth Defect is the broad term used for medical issues present with an infant from birth. Some Congenital issues can be harmless, such as minor skin conditions or birth marks, while others can be much more serious and require extensive treatment to ensure the safety of your child.

Congenital birth defects are usually identified in one of the four following areas:

When a child is born with a serious medical problem it can be a very stressful for the parents. Taiwan Health Insurance can provide you with a wealth of information on New Born Child Coverage benefit options to protect your child’s health from birth.

New Born Child Coverage About Us

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