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Taiwan Maternity Health Insurance

At Taiwan Health Insurance, we can provide a wealth of information on the range of comprehensive maternity health insurance coverage options on the market today.

The high cost of having a child in the modern world is apparent to everyone. In Taiwan, leading maternity hospitals may charge thousands of dollars for a routine delivery. Even the slightest complications can quickly multiply the costs of delivery, which underlines the importance of Taiwanese maternity health insurance coverage for those planning on delivering in Taiwan.

High costs are only part of the equation. As mainland China becomes wealthier, a number of “maternity tourists” are arriving to use Taiwanese hospitals, which are deemed to be higher quality. This has increased demand for hospital beds in maternity wards and put a strain on local resources.

Maternity Health Insurance Waiting Periods

In Taiwan, and nearly anywhere else, Maternity Medical Insurance is subject to a Waiting Period. This refers to the amount of time from the commencement date of your policy to the time when you are eligible to receive a specific benefit. Below is a description of the two ways in which Maternity Insurance coverage waiting periods function:

Start of Plan

Most health insurance plans in Taiwan require a predetermined waiting period from the start of the plan, which allows for coverage only after this period of time from commencement of the plan has elapsed.

Eight to twelve months is a fairly typical waiting period after plan commencement before maternity coverage kicks in. This means that treatment carried out before this time has elapsed will not be covered or eligible for reimbursement by your insurer. Specific waiting periods and technical details will vary depending on the insurer.

Until Conception

“Until Conception” maternity waiting periods are far less common in Taiwan. Under an “Until Conception” plan, there must be a predetermined amount of time after plan commencement and before conception in order to receive coverage.

Under such maternity insurance plans, there is usually a twelve month waiting period required before conceiving before the birth is covered under your Taiwanese health insurance plan. If you conceive before the waiting period concludes, your maternity expenses will not be covered under this type of policy.

In certain instances when coverage is not available due to the waiting period of your policy, coverage may be extended to your newborn infant. Please click New Born Child Coverage for further information.

Taiwan Maternity Health Insurance Coverage

Taiwan Maternity Health Insurance has the latest market intelligence on the range of coverage benefits available during pregnancy. Plans may include coverage for:

In some instances it may be possible to cover fertility treatments, such as in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) and related deliveries

Maternity Health Insurance About Us

Maternity insurance is a very important aspect of medical care in Taiwan (and around the world). For further information on the details of maternity care in Taiwan, please contact us directly and we will respond as soon as possible.