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Taiwan Health Insurance Coverage Limits

Obviously one of the most important considerations when selecting a medical insurance policy is the coverage limit. Taiwan Health Insurance has compiled a number of databases with the latest market information on coverage limits.

Overview of Coverage Limits on Taiwan Health Insurance

In general, most reputable insurers will offer an Overall Maximum Benefit ranging from US$ 1,000,000 to US$ 3,500,000 per year. Taiwan Health Insurance can provide detailed information on what these benefits may include.

Note that within the Overall Maximum Benefit figure, different insurance companies will offer an overall coverage limit in different way, and not all insurers will impose the same limits on the coverage offered. Typically, coverage limits in Taiwan’s Medical Insurance sector are offered in one of the following ways:

Per Condition

A Per Condition Limit refers to the total amount of coverage that the plan will afford you for an individual medical condition over the course of one policy year.


An Annual Limit provides a set amount of coverage for the duration of a policy year. This limit will reset upon renewal of the policy, usually on an annual basis, and is not dependent on any specific medical conditions. In other words, this is the amount of coverage you may receive each year you are on the policy.


A Lifetime Limit refers to the total amount of coverage your policy will provide for a specific coverage benefit over the entirety of its existence.

Taiwan Health Insurance About Us

Policyholders must be aware of the coverage limits in their health insurance policies in Taiwan. Taiwan Medical Insurance can provide you with further information on coverage limits; complete the form at the top of this page, or directly contact a Taiwan Health Insurance expert who will be happy to assist you.