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Taiwan Dental Health Insurance

In Taiwan, the cost of Dental Treatment is extremely high, especially in comparison to other parts of Asia.

Some firms offer employees medical insurance plans which include dental protection benefits. The coverage levels associated with these types of plan is usually extremely low and does little to offset the high costs of dental work in Taiwan.

Taiwan Dental Health Insurance Coverage

In Taiwan, Health Insurance plans with Dental Coverage benefits usually come in two different types.

Routine Dental Treatment

Routine dental coverage generally provides basic levels of protection for limited dental treatments. This type of benefit includes coverage for:

Major Dental Treatment

Major dental benefit coverage typically provides higher levels of coverage than a routine dental benefit. Routine dental treatments will typically be covered under this benefit, in addition to:

In Taiwan, Dental Treatment coverage benefits may not currently be obtained as a stand alone plan, and must be purchased in addition to a Taiwan Health Insurance In-patient treatment policy. Many In-patient health insurance plans in Taiwan actually include coverage for emergency dental treatment in the case of an accident or emergency.

Bear in mind that most Dental Treatment Coverage Benefits will be attached to a Waiting Period, which is a certain amount of time you must have been enrolled on the plan before you are able to seek treatment for a specific policy benefit. Most individuals will have had some form of Dental Treatment at some point during their lives, so it is extremely rare for a person to not have any pre-existing dental conditions. Most insurance companies understand this and will cover these conditions, but only after the policyholders have completed a waiting period.

Taiwan Dental Health Insurance About Us

Routine dental coverage is often excluded from health insurance plans in Taiwan, so being informed of the limits of your coverage is critical. The team at Taiwan Health Insurance can inform you of the details of the dental insurance market; fill in the form at the top of the page, or contact us directly and we will respond as soon as possible.