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Taiwan Health Insurance Deductibles

When selecting a health insurance policy in Taiwan, you will often be offered a range of deductible options on the policy. Taiwan health insurance can help you determine which option may be best for your situation.

As with health insurers everywhere, Taiwanese health insurance plans will cover the costs associated with your medical treatment; when you choose to have a deductible on your policy, you are personally responsible for paying some of the costs of your healthcare out of pocket.

For example, you may have a $50 deductible on your Taiwanese Health Insurance plan. If your medical treatment costs $150, then the insurance company would cover $100 of the treatment while you, as the policyholder, would be responsible for paying the remaining $50 to the medical provider.

Note that not all insurance companies and plans will offer the same deductible options. Carefully review your policy to see what deductibles are available on your plan.

In general, having a deductible on your policy is often a great way to lower the overall premium of your Taiwanese Medical Insurance plan. When you pay for some of the costs associated with your medical treatment you will often receive a significantly lower plan premium than if you elected to obtain a policy with no deductible.

Types of Taiwan Health Insurance Deductibles

In Taiwan, Health Insurance providers typically provide a range of deductible options to their customers. Typical options include:

Per Condition

Per condition deductibles refer to the sum of money you must pay to treat each individual medical condition you received treatment for.

For example, if you purchase a policy with a $100 per condition deductible. While on the policy you break your leg due to an accident. The cost of treatment for the broken leg is $1,000. Your Taiwan Health Insurance plan would cover $900 of the treatment, while you would be responsible for $100. Follow-up treatment for the broken leg, as it is still the same condition, would be fully covered under the plan. However, any additional treatment for a non-related condition, such as the flu, would require that you pay the deductible again.

Per Year

A per year deductibles refer to the total amount of money you must pay for the treatment of all medical conditions received throughout the year.

For example, your Taiwan Health Insurance policy deductible is $100 per year. This means that you would be responsible for the first $100 in medical costs, and the plan would cover all costs over $100 up to the policy limits. If you fell ill with the flu, and the treatment cost $100, you would have to cover the entire payment of that treatment. However, any further medical conditions which require treatment for the rest of the policy year would be covered by the plan.

A Per Year Deductible resets each time you renew the policy.

Co-Insurance and Co-Pays

Co-Insurance refers to a percentage of total medical costs the policyholder is required to pay. A Co-Insurance deductible is most commonly found on Maternity and Dental Health Insurance plans.

If you purchase a Taiwan Health Insurance plan with a 20% Co-Insurance on the policy, then you would be required to contribute 20% of all the costs associated with your medical treatment.

For example, if you went to the doctor with the flu and the total cost of treatment was $100, then you would have to cover 20% of the cost of treatment ($20), and the insurer would cover the rest. Each time medical treatment is received under the policy the 20% Co-Insurance would need to be covered by the policyholder.

Taiwan Health Insurance About Us

The details of the deductibles in your health insurance plan will have a major effect on the cost of your medical care in Taiwan. A Taiwan Health Insurance expert can provide further information as to how this will affect you. Contact us directly for additional information about the types of deductibles available in Taiwan.