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Taiwan Health Insurance Claims

In Taiwan, Health Insurance plans will require you to submit a claim to the insurance company in order to be reimbursed for the cost of treatment.

Filing claims is one of the most important aspects of a Medical Insurance plan, and you need to be secure in the knowledge that your insurance provider is able to handle their claims process in a smooth and efficient manner. Taiwan Health Insurance has a complete database of claims filing procedures and can provide detailed information on the best way to submit your claim

Taiwan Health Insurance has taken measures to assist you in providing the information you need to submit your claims in a straightforward and simple manner to ensure speedy reimbursement of your medical expenses.

Types of Health Insurance Claims

In Taiwan, health insurance plans have various types of claims, and it is critical for a policyholder to understand how the claims process functions, in order to ensure rapid reimbursement as quickly as possible. The most common types of claims made on health insurance policies in Taiwan are:

In-Patient Health Insurance Claim Treatment Guarantee

When a policyholder requires an In-patient medical treatment, he or she will usually be asked to send a Treatment Guarantee Form to their insurance company prior to being admitted to the in-patient facility in question.

Submitting a Treatment Guarantee to the insurer before treatment allows your insurance company to liaise directly with the medical facility where you will be receiving treatment in order to confirm full payment of your healthcare.

In-Patient Emergency Treatment Claim

In an accident or emergency situation, it may not be possible to contact your insurance company prior to being admitted to hospital.

Most insurance companies can arrange for payment of emergency medical bills directly with the treating hospital. However, in some cases you may need to cover the costs of your treatment up-front, and then submit a claim to the insurer for reimbursement of your expenses.

If you are in emergency situation that requires medical treatment, it is strongly advised that you, or someone close to you, contact the insurance company providing your Taiwan Health Insurance plan as soon as possible upon being admitted to the hospital in order to ensure speedy settlement of the treatment costs.

Out-Patient Direct Settlement

Many Insurance Companies in Taiwan Health Insurance can access extensive direct settlement networks for out-patient treatment.

Direct settlement networks usually consist of a number of medical providers, clinics and/or hospitals which the insurer has an agreement with, and these directly cover the costs of treatments for policyholders. If your plan offers direct settlement, then you simply submit your policy details, receive your treatment, and the insurance company will settle the bill directly with the medical provider.

General Out-Patient Claims

When receiving out-patient medical treatment, the policyholder pays the bill at the time of treatment, and then submits a claim to the insurer for reimbursement. In Taiwan, most health insurance plans leave the method of reimbursement up to the policyholder.

Common Issues with Health Insurance Claims

Taiwan Health Insurance has extensive experience with insurance companies and claims issues. Most problems with claims fall under one or both of the following categories: Incomplete Paperwork and Pre-existing Medical Conditions.

Incomplete Paperwork

One of the biggest obstacles which can delay the reimbursement of your medical insurance claims is with the paperwork you submit to the insurance company. Before submitting the relevant documents to the insurance company for your claim, you must ensure that the appropriate doctor’s signatures, receipts, and other supporting paperwork are also submitted to enable quick reimbursement of your Health Insurance claim in Taiwan.

Taiwan Health Insurance strongly recommends making copies of any claims paperwork you submit so that you can have a record of all the necessary documents relevant to your case.

Pre-existing medical conditions

In Taiwan, health insurance plans generally exclude Pre-existing medical conditions. You may click Pre-existing medical condition insurance for further details.

When you make a claim for a pre-existing condition, these are not typically covered under most health insurance plans and will usually be denied. Educate yourself on the details of the coverage under your own Health Insurance plan before submitting a claim under the policy.

Taiwan Health Insurance About Us

Navigating the claims process can be the most complicated aspect of your health insurance policy in Taiwan. At Taiwan Health Insurance, our experts offer a wealth of experience and knowledge to aid you.