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Chronic Condition Health Insurance in Taiwan

Chronic Medical Conditions are defined as medical conditions for which there is currently no recognized cure. Types of Chronic Conditions may include Asthma, Diabetes, Arthritis, and Hypertension.

Although Taiwan has made vast improvements in its environment, certain health concerns are often attributed to pollution from emissions from automobiles and factories, including those which come from the mainland of China.

For example, air pollution is a leading cause of asthma in Taiwan, and individuals living in some of the more polluted areas of Taiwan are at a higher risk of developing Asthma as a chronic medical condition.

Asthma has no cure, but its symptoms can be treated. Management of the condition’s symptoms will last for the rest of the affected individual’s life, and will likely lead to frequent and costly medical bills. Hence, seeking Chronic Medical Condition coverage may be advisable in Taiwan.

Chronic Condition Health Insurance Coverage

Although serious chronic medical conditions are more likely to affect the elderly, younger individuals are advised to seek coverage against chronic conditions in the future. Otherwise, if a chronic condition develops later in life for a person who does not have this type of insurance benefit, it will be treated as a pre-existing condition and will be much more difficult to receive insurance coverage.

Taiwan Medical Insurance possesses a complete database of insurance policies which offer Chronic Condition coverage, for those seeking protection against the cost of treating serious chronic illness later in life.

Typically in Taiwan, Health Insurance Plans with a chronic condition benefit will offer coverage in one of three ways:

Acute Phases Only

Under this type of plan, coverage is available only to treat outbreaks of the condition. An acute phase is usually deemed a “flare up” of the condition where symptoms require immediate treatment. In the case of an asthmatic, it would mean suffering from an Asthma attack. The attack would be the acute phase of the overall Asthma condition. Plans which only cover the acute phase of a condition will have the policy structured appropriately.

Lifetime Limit

Some insurers offer a lifetime limit of coverage for Chronic Conditions. In such cases, the insurer will set a predetermined monetary amount which can be used to treat the condition over the lifetime of the policy. This limit is fixed and will not change. A lifetime limit does present a concern in that the benefit may be exceeded and no additional treatment of the condition will then be offered by the plan.

Annual Limit

Under an Annual Limit policy, covering Chronic Conditions the insurer will set a predetermined monetary amount which can be used to treat the condition each policy year. Upon renewal, the annual limit will reset, allowing you to continue receiving coverage for the chronic condition under the plan.

It is important to note that not all insurance companies will provide chronic condition coverage, and that the coverage of chronic conditions will vary depending on the insurance company which you elect to purchase a plan from.

Chronic Condition Health Insurance About Us

In addition to being debilitating, Chronic Conditions can have a serious impact on your health insurance coverage options in Taiwan. Taiwan Health Insurance has a team of experts who can provide thorough information on Chronic Conditions health insurance. Contact one of our dedicated insuranceexperts for more information on this type of coverage.