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Taiwan Health Insurance Coverage Areas

Taiwan is a regional and international hub, and business and leisure travel are very common for local residents. When leaving the city, supplementary Taiwan Travel Health Insurance plans is often utilised to protect the health of travellers while abroad.

Obtaining travel health insurance can be complicated, and many policyholders mistakenly assume that their existing policy will cover them overseas, which is not always the case. Travel health insurance usually requires obtaining an entirely new health insurance plan which only offers short term coverage, but this is usually necessary due to the fact that many Taiwanese Health Insurance companies only offer medical insurance coverage on a local basis; policyholders of local health insurance plans are only able to receive healthcare treatment at medical facilities located in Taiwan.

Taiwan Health Insurance provides information on a range of policies offering global coverage, including Taiwanese Medical Insurance plans which are able to cover you no matter where you go in the world.

For more detailed information about the differences between plans which offer solely Local Coverage and those which provide International Coverage, please click: Local Health Insurance and International health Insurance.

Geographical Area of Coverage

Taiwan Health Insurance has carried out extensive research on the various options for worldwide health insurance.

Global medical insurance options generally fall into two broad categories of geographical coverage:

There may also be various regional options available, depending on the insurer you select; most policyholders opt for one of these two categories.

The USA has the highest medical costs in the world, and that covering healthcare treatment in the USA is very expensive. If you do not plan to spend much time in the USA, then it is advisable to select a health insurance plan that does not provide coverage there, as this will highly increase the cost of your plan premium.

Taiwan Health Insurance can provide comprehensive research on which plans will allow the policyholder to choose where to receive medical treatment; this allows you to seek healthcare services with any doctor, medical center or hospital within your coverage area. Even if your plan does not cover the USA you will still be able to receive high quality medical treatment with the doctor of your choice in Europe, Asia, and Oceania. Taiwan Medical Insurance can rely on its extensive global network to provide further information on these various coverage options around the world.

Taiwan Health Insurance About Us

Being aware of the geographical limits of your health insurance coverage is of the utmost importance. Taiwan Health Insurance can offer further details about the various international plans on the market; please fill in your details on the form at the top of this page, or contact one of our advisors directly for more information.