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Taiwan Alternative Medicine Health Insurance

In Taiwan, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a very important part of local culture. At Taiwan Health Insurance we understand that there are a myriad of alternate medical techniques and complementary therapies around the world which have special relevance for many different cultures. As such, we have compiled a large database of information on Taiwan Medical Insurance plans which cover Alternative Medical Treatment.

Taiwan Alternative Medicine Insurance Coverage

In Taiwan, Health Insurance plans offering coverage for Alternative Medicine will typically allow for the following treatments:

Alternative Medicine coverage will usually be a part of the Out-patient Health Insurance portion of a plan.

Note that not all insurance companies offer an Alternative Therapy benefit under their Taiwanese health insurance plans. Policy limits of the coverage will vary depending on which insurance company you select.

Taiwan Alternative Medicine Insurance About Us

Traditional Chinese Medicine and other alternative therapies are an important aspect of medical care in Taiwan. Our experts at Taiwan Medical Insurance can help educate you about how this affects your insurance coverage. Please contact us directly.